The world is witnessing a technology revolution and Internet of Things (IoT) is a big reason for it. It is changing how businesses work and is creating opportunities like never before. Interest in the IoT devices and solutions is rapidly increasing as the businesses recognize the need for interconnectivity and the potential benefits of it. Let us first learn what IoT means.

What is Internet of Things or IoT?

In simple terms, it is a network of connected things. It is the evolution of everyday used things which are laced with technology like sensors, software and connectivity enabling them to exchange data without any human or machine intervention. The convergence of wireless technologies, electromechanical systems and the Internet has made this possible.

What it means to businesses?

IoT is making things and businesses smarter than ever. It adds actionable intelligence to devices. It creates a network of connected devices which can easily interact with each other and with their environment without any external help. These devices keep collecting data from the environment. Smart use of this data can help create newer opportunities and foster innovation.

How does IoT benefit businesses?

Improved Operational Efficiency – IoT can help businesses automate a lot of things making their systems quick and more efficient. It speeds up awareness and response to events and thus makes real time decision making feasible. Since there is no manual intervention, direct interaction between various systems reduces downtimes significantly.

Cost Benefits – Optimum utilization of assets and improved operational efficiency directly translates to cost benefits.

Proactive Maintenance – With heaps of data available from devices, analytics is the key to unlock the true potential of IoT for businesses. Proper analysis of this data can deliver insight and create opportunities for proactive maintenance and forecasting of future requirements.

How can help?

The IoT devices and systems collect a lot of personal data. Hence, Security and privacy are the biggest challenges of IoT. To achieve the business benefits of IOT, you need robust and secure network infrastructure. Our knowledge, skills and experience can make us a great partner in your IoT journey. We can take care of your end to end IoT needs which includes design, implementation, configuration and management. Voipit partners with the leading IOT solution providers to tap the full power of Internet of Things. We can help you converge networks, security, and analytics to achieve desired results. We can assess your network and security requirements for adopting IoT solutions and then customize various solutions available from the leading vendors based on your specific business needs. We can securely deploy and manage IoT solutions. We can not only help you speed up your digital transformation but our security approach can help you mitigate IoT security risks.  We can help you achieve the competitive advantage that your business needs.

With IoT, businesses can achieve measurable improvements in profitability and revenue and deliver better user experiences and engagement. With the use of the best in class infrastructure and network resources along with the deployment of advanced data analytics and smart applications, IoT can move your business forward many folds.

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